• You must have previously provided your email address to Home in Place.
  • We recommend that you add the email address as a contact to your mailbox
  • Make sure your mailbox has spare capacity to receive new emails


  • Visit the Tenant Portal Home Page enter the same email address (pre-registered with Home in Place) into the "Invite Me" form (bottom left of home page) and press the "Invite Me" button.


  • If there are no problems then an invitation email will immediately be sent to your pre-registered email (give it 10 min to arrive) don't forget to check your junk mail.
    • You then need to click the "Redeem Invitation" link inside the email, which will prompt you to set a password.
    • Once your password is set you can logon to the portal by visiting the Tenant Portal Home Page and clicking "sign-in" top right
    • During sign-in a 6 digit "MFA" code will be sent to your email
  • If an error message occurs when you submit the "Invite Me" form then follow the instructions provided
  • If you do not receive the invitation email after 1 hour then contact Home in Place for assistance.